Words from Others

L.L. Barkat invites us to chase spirituality in much the same way a child chases the tail of a kite...by finding the beautiful balance between what's just beyond reach and what's entirely ours for the taking. Her words are full of hope, joy, wonder— our fingers touch the edge of pages and our hearts cross the borders of eternity. And, really, where else could such a journey begin but in our own yards?

Holley Gerth, Senior Writer and Editorial Director, Dayspring, and Co-Founder InCourage


This brilliant work is one part inspirational, one part practical. I’ve not read a more groundbreaking book about spiritual discipline since Richard Foster, and I’ll never think about communion again in quite the same way.

—Marcus Goodyear, Senior Editor, TheHighCalling and Christianity Today's FaithInTheWorkplace


Mix Richard Foster and Annie Dillard in a blender, and you’ll pour out God In the Yard, a cool smoothie of hope on the topic of spiritual practice.

— Ginger Kolbaba, Editor, Christianity Today's Kyria


Like punctuation in a sentence, this wonderful book puts a comma, perhaps a semi-colon, even a period in our lives. It causes us to pause, that we might discover and recover ourselves, God, others, and aspects of this amazing world in which we live. L.L. Barkat's wise words move us more deeply into matters of consequence.

David Naugle, professor of philosophy, Dallas Baptist University, and author of Reordered Love, Reordered Lives: Learning the Deep Meaning of Happiness (Eerdmans 2008).


This is a book of meeting. A thoughtful, intentional exploration of what it means to live out spiritual disciplines in a modern context, by a writer with a poet's eye, arresting language and keen mind. If one is willing to do the practical exercises, these pages hold the possibility of even more than encounter. They offer the hope of real transformation.

— Ann Voskamp, of Holy Experience.